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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Soprano: Hakvoort unveils a graceful symphony

Hakvoort Shipyard, working in close cooperation with Ocean Independence & Ocean Management, has delivered the 38,25-metre superyacht Soprano to her first-time owners. With an exterior designed by Diana Yacht Design and an interior by Felix Buytendijk, Soprano is a testimony both to teamwork and the luxuries and comfort available on a bespoke motoryacht of premium Dutch pedigree. Built to the exacting specifications of the LY3 code, this delightful motor yacht will also be a welcome addition to the limited number of options for first-class charter in this size range.

Soprano has a classical overall feel, with an elegant canoe stern that was a key element in the owners’ brief. Having previously seen and fallen in love with Sagamar and Spada – both fine examples of Hakvoort’s experience with traditional designs – they were determined to create their very own with canoe stern beauty. They also set out to capitalise on the unrivalled expertise that Hakvoort offers in luxurious, medium-sized classical superyachts.

At the same time, Soprano also showcases the Dutch yard’s ability to build in the very latest systems and facilities within a truly first-class finish. And a closer look at herclassical profile reveals a plethora of ingenious contemporary elements within her soft lines, folds and curves.

Soprano is a real gentleman’s yacht, blending the timeless beauty of our maritime tradition with lots of modern touches,” says director Albert Hakvoort jr. “She provides an excellent performance at sea, is exceptionally quiet and is superbly finished: the quality of the materials – the finest marbles and woods – is as important as the seamless way in which they have been fitted together. The owners asked us to create the full package for them – and Soprano certainly delivers.”

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