Lady Duvera III - Description

Lady Duvera represented another internationally recognized achievement for Hakvoort.

Her immaculately planned construction and efficient use of available deck space ensure that this lovely yacht turns heads wherever she cruises. In place of a central mast, Lady Duvera has an A-mast for improved accessibility. She is equipped with the most up-to-date onboard technology, and facilities that allow her decks to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Take the aft deck, for example. In warm weather, this is the ideal spot to relax in the shade of the upper deck. In strong winds, it can be screened off on both sides. And in cold weather, the entire deck can be enclosed. Meanwhile, an eye-catching sun deck features a Jacuzzi on a raised platform, while the spacious boat deck offers both privacy and stunning views.

Lady Duvera’s interior, designed by Felix Buytendijk, offers a perfect balance of classical and avant-garde styling.

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